Find Your Place!

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We have a very simple process to get connected and to understand the basics of who we are, what we do, and how to help you find your place… and it can happen in just 33 minutes! 3-Minute Welcome — Immediately following each Sunday morning service, meet Pastor Scott in the Connections Room in the […]

Serve on a team.


We think everyone should experience the missional synergy of serving on an effective team! In fact, we believe so much in learning-by-serving that to “Serve on a team.” is one of two main places to connect beyond our worship service. “What is a Team?” Each Team is led by a Team Leader who serves, along with a LifeGroup […]

Connect in a LifeGroup.


Beyond worship, one of our two main ways to engage is to Connect in a LifeGroup. (The other way is to Serve on a team.) LifeGroups are sermon-based small groups of 12-15 people who meet in homes weekly around food and the Word of God, and to pray and share life. LifeGroups bring about life change […]

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