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Come check out our 3CLIFE Class! Recently expanded to a quarterly StudyGroup, 3CLIFE Class is a comprehensive introduction where we will answer your questions about us and pretty much tell you anything and everything you want to know to become a fitting participant at First Christian Church and in the Kingdom of God! Click here for more […]



“Cultivate Growth” in StudyGroups The ‘second C’ in our 3Cs ministry process calls us to “Cultivate Growth in relationship with God and one another.” So we offer StudyGroups every Sunday morning as a focused learning environment where we can together shape a biblical Christian worldview and “take every thought captive” to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). […]



LifeGroups are all about “Cultivating Growth Together!” in ‘sermon-based’ groups that Study the Sunday sermon material and Support one another in ‘Share, Care, Prayer’ time each week! One particular challenge for us, as a church trying to ‘simplify’ our structures (see the “Simple Church” brochure on the Resource Tables at church for more details) and better meet our congregation’s needs, is […]

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Sermon Series

  • Fan the Flame Title

    Fan the Flame (2 Timothy)

      If you have a relationship with Christ, it is almost certain that it is because you had a relationship with a person who had a relationship with Christ. The Bible word for this is “disciplemaking” (Matt 28:18-20). In other words, your faith didn’t come from thin air. It was given to you, ultimately by the […]

  • Twisted Title revised

    Twisted: Some Of The Most Misused Verses in the Bible

    Pray to hear God’s Word. Context is king. Scripture interprets Scripture. Scripture interprets the world. Scripture communicates its basic purposes clearly. Read from the text, not into it. Read the text literally and/or figuratively, but not always literalistically. Avoid chronological snobbery. These are a few examples of the kinds of principles we’ll use as we […]

  • In Christ: How the Spirit Transforms

    Sermon series on Romans 6-8