What kind of church is this? 2017-03-16T09:57:59-04:00

First Christian Church is part of a movement of over 6,000 churches known as the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ that strives to be the church in a way that reflects the pattern in the New Testament. We are not officially affiliated with any denomination. In fact, we were nondenominational before nondenominational existed! We are an Elders-led congregation.

Whatever distinctives we may have, it is primarily our goal to be the church that God created us to be and to build His kingdom for His glory. We do not define ourselves by comparing to other churches, but by comparing ourselves to the standards set forth in the Bible. We are a local manifestation of the greater body of Christ. No more. No less.

Click here to read a booklet called, “What Kind of Church is This?” that will help you understand who we are and where we come from.

Click here to read our “Vision Guide” which includes a statement of beliefs as well as an introduction to how we organize for ministry.