Helping People Find and Follow Jesus2018-03-03T13:19:37-05:00

Helping people find and follow Jesus

Our strategy is broken down into what we call the 7 Habits because we become what we repeatedly do. They are what shape us into an environment that is all about Helping People Find and Follow Jesus!

Engage in worship.
Serve on the team.
Connect in a small group.
Pray and study the Bible.
Pursue generosity.
Identify with Christ.
Tell the story.

For everything you need to know about how we carry out our mission of Helping People Find and Follow Jesus, including our basic doctrinal commitments, we encourage you to attend “Next Steps”, which is 4 sessions that take place on Sunday mornings and can be done in any order, over any length of time, and it’s all about how our 7 Habits are designed to connect you to God’s vison for your life! It’s an interactive experience where you’ll meet other people, play some games, eat some donuts, and learn all about our vision at FCC.