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We think everyone should experience the missional synergy of serving on an effective team! In fact, we believe so much in learning-by-serving that to “Serve on a team.” is one of two main places to connect beyond our worship service.

“What is a Team?”

Each Team is led by a Team Leader who serves, along with a LifeGroup Leader, as one of your two main mentors in implementing the 9 Habits (see “The Big 3” on page 3 of our Vision Guide.) Every Coach does a 6-Month Review with every Player, to ensure that your service is effective and fulfilling.

“On what teams can I serve?”

  • Kids (babies-5th grade) — Requires criminal background check.
  • Students (6th-12th grades) — Requires criminal background check.
  • Worship (music, a/v, creative, baptistry/communion)
  • Care (connect the disconnected, visit ill/shut-ins, death in family)
  • Admin (connections/office support)
  • Fellowship (meals/programming that support connections processes and all-church gatherings)
  • Hospitality (welcome, greeting, getting people connected to us)
  • Outreach (local/global missions)
  • Facilities (property, maintenance, security)

“Worship 1. Serve 1.” — This is not one of the 9 Habits, but this is how we verbalize our Sunday morning strategy. We want our people to attend a service and to serve during a service. This helps us do more than just create an environment where our people are engaged in the first two of the 9 Habits. It helps us create a warm and loving Sunday morning environment that is focused on serving our guests and connecting them with our mission.

Interested? Talk to one of our “Connectors” wearing a nametag for more information, or fill out the form below.

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