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“FCC Student Ministry exists to create an environment where students are making a 180-degree turn from the confusion and clamor of the world to the clarity and contentment of a relationship with Christ that compels them to Live On Purpose.”

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About Us

We are working to create a healthy and safe environment where students, both Christian and non-Christian, will experience life change by daily making a 180-degree turn from sin so they will live the 3C Life.

Putting feet to this mission statement happens most at ONEEIGHTY, our weekly large group meeting. We meet every Wed from 6:00–7:30p. The basic format includes: group games/mixers, funny videos, a call to worship, singing and scripture, teaching message from Tommy Staggs, Associate Minister, small groups (we spend 30 minutes in small groups each night), and announcements. Then we end with some hang out time from 7:30-8:00p (our youth room has a popcorn machine, drinks/goodies at Cafe ONEEIGHTY, pool, ping pong, and air hockey tables, and board and video games).

In addition to these ongoing ministries, we participate in many special activities and events:

  • Mission trips through “YouthWorks!” (South Dakota, Puerto Rico, etc.)
  • Service Projects – All small groups participate in service projects together.
  • Fellowship Events – Concerts, Lock-ins, Paintball, etc.

These are meant to be the types of activities that supplement our regular ministries in ways that create special memories and help provide a laboratory for developing a faith that expresses itself in practical ways.

Please pray with us as we endeavor to see God make these types of changes in our ministry and let us know if you have interest in helping!

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We send out an email each week for parents of 6-12 grade students that includes a summary of what we’re teaching, news about upcoming events, and helpful articles for parents. If you are not already receiving this email and would like to sign up, fill out the form below.

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Youth Room

Our ministry has a dedicated spot in our church building in Room 117. This used to be two rooms that were combined into one large gathering space. The front half has nice padded chairs and stage for our worship gatherings while the back half of the room has game tables and our ONEEIGHTY Cafe. Our primary gathering as a student ministry happens in this room on Wed Nights (see notes above). We also use this room for any other general gathering of middle and/or high school students such as StudyGroups and Summer Bible Studies.

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